Pierre Benard Challenge Postscript

As I mentioned two weeks ago these types of social media challenges are not my thing. I’ve happily avoided every tag I’ve received. Part of what made this different are the times we are living in. Ever since I’ve been quarantined I have been spending time with the perfume masterpieces in my closet. The time I spend with the classics is therapeutic. I lose myself in the perfume which then takes me to other places. I have never appreciated the way fragrance acts as a time machine/ Star Trek transporter, more. I can close my eyes and find myself lost in a memory. I can do the same believing I can reach out and touch the place my scent of the day has taken me.

This is the quality of art which is at its apex in these days. Great art reminds you of the glory of the world outside your four walls. I have been availing myself of all of it to uplift my spirits. It works as I take time every day to allow art to work its magic. Therefore this challenge was interesting to me. I was already letting scent into my life in a larger capacity than before.

I had all ten days figured out before I ever started. Those who know me well are not surprised. Even so I was excited to apply the therapy writing also supplies over the last two weeks. I was inspired by M. Benard. He has always found the place where scent exists as the connection between the other arts. I was psyched to try my amateur version of what he does so naturally. One thing I take away is a desire to try and do more of this.

At the end of it all I look back at the pieces of this challenge that moved me emotionally even though it is my experience I was communicating. It reinforces all that I love about perfume and writing about it. There has been nothing better to feed my desire to keep on doing that.

My heartfelt thanks for the catalyst M. Benard provided for these discoveries.

Mark Behnke