New Perfume Review Oriflame Sublime Nature Tuberose- Sunrise Tuberose

Oriflame has been one of my favorite low-price perfume brands. The Swedish-based company has excelled at producing economically priced perfumes which can be very good. Another aspect of these brands is the desire to step up a tier; perhaps thinking a little more budget along with a slightly higher price will being in a different consumer. These kinds of initiatives mostly seem to not produce the desired effect. Even with the miserable track record it seems every brand needs to try for themselves and Oriflame is doing this with the Sublime Nature collection. They have hired perfumer Nathalie Lorson to compose the first two releases. I have received a sample of Sublime Nature Tuberose and expect the second release Sublime Nature Tonka Bean any day now.

Nathalie Lorson

Sublime Nature Tuberose gets the full treatment on the website with Mme Lorson talking about her inspirations. 2017 has been a year for many iterations of tuberose. Perfumers have several new isolates to choose from which helps tilt the overall aesthetic of the composition. Mme Lorson chooses a CO2 version of tuberose as she aims to capture it at sunrise coated with dew before it has fully unfurled itself.

By choosing the CO2 version she has found a form which accentuates the greener facets without getting the overexuberant floral nature at full volume. I have always liked that green thread which runs through tuberose which makes this isolate something I am attracted to. Mme Lorson swathes the early going with that watery nature of dew drops among the green and the floral. In the very early moments the dew drops are on top. As the sun rises and starts to burn them off the tuberose becomes much more pronounced. This is where the beauty of this version of the tuberose ingredient can exist as a soliflore. Eventually sandalwood and tonka provide the woody base accord which over time overwhelms the tuberose.

Sublime Nature Tuberose has 6-8 hour longevity and moderate sillage.

In a year of tuberose Sublime Nature Tuberose is among the better versions. It comes down to letting a perfumer choose the best ingredient she has and finding the right combination to evoke tuberose at sunrise, Mme Lorson succeeds on all counts.

Dsiclosure: This review is based on a sample provided by Oriflame.

Mark Behnke