New Perfume Review Nishane Ege- Summer Extrait

I often have an issue when I receive a pair of new perfumes from a brand. One can be perfect for the time of year I received it. While the other needs six months to pass for its time to arrive. This was what happened when I received my samples of the two new releases from Nishane just after Thanksgiving last year. One of them Nanshe was a great fall fragrance. The other I put it in my box to be tested when the weather turned warmer. That time has come for Nishane Ege.

Mert Guzel (l.) and Marat Katran

Ege is part of the “No Boundaries” collection from creative directors Mert Guzel and Marat Katran. The name is a short slangy version of Aegean. This is a summery Mediterranean style scent. With that name you might be thinking aquatic. Working with perfumer Ilias Ermenidis they form a scent for the heat laden with spices, citrus, and licorice.

Ilias Erminidis

One other thing to mention is these types of perfumes are usually released in the lighter concentrations. Ege is the opposite as it is an extrait. This could have been a drawback as that kind of intensity could become overwhelming in this type of fragrance. What happens is it creates a situation where the concentration allows for some of the nuance for these ingredients to be detected.

It begins with the summery citrus of yuzu. There is a lively green piece of this lemon analog which sets up what is to come. The other ingredient is star anise. It also sets up another piece of things to come with its lighter licorice-like scent profile. The heart is a refreshing mixture of herbs basil and mint. Violet leaves add their more cutting green while cardamom connects back to the yuzu. The licorice makes a return in its more herbal almost medicinal character. It takes the slight effect of the star anise and deepens it. Where this might have gone too deep the freshness of the basil and mint prevent that from happening. Lazy swirls of incense add the final touch

Ege has 12-14 hour longevity and moderate sillage.

I wore this on two scorching 90-degree plus days. It was as good as I expected. You might think that a fragrance at this concentration is too much for the heat. Let Ege introduce you to the concept of a summer extrait.

Disclosure: This review is based on a sample I purchased.

Mark Behnke