New Perfume Review Montale Arabians- Subtle is a 4-Letter Word

As much as I enjoy intricate perfumes full of nuance there are times when I just want it given to me straight; like a hard right-hand to the jaw. When I’m in this mood there is a line of small metal containers which contain this style of fragrance. All of them have the name Montale on them. Montale is one of the more prolific brands and many of their perfumes are variations on specific themes. It allows for someone who like the style to find one which is just right. Many of their perfumes are oud based. Despite the amount of perfumes that have been released I was always looking for a Montale leather full of attitude. The new Montale Arabians finally gave me my leather I was looking for.

Despite being a fragrance brand, which is very Middle Eastern in aesthetic, the Arabians in the name refers to Arabian Horses. The preferred steed of desert raiders, the breed has become one of the most versatile equine lines in the world. The perfume inspired by them is the leather of the saddle, the musk of the horse. And the smell of the floral garland of the Winner’s Circle.

The opening is an overdose of thyme and cardamom. So often both are used as supporting notes. For Arabians they come right to the front dragging a reluctant lavender with them. This is one of my favorite opening of any Montale I own; it is that sharp herbal green enhanced by the cardamom and supported by the lavender. Rose holds the heart for a little while before patchouli comes along to pump up the volume. The leather accord comes next and this is the classic saddle leather version. It is rich with a hint of saddle soap. A full serving of musk provides the scent of the horse before oud reminds you that this is an Arabian we’re talking about.

Arabians has 20-24-hour longevity and above average sillage.

Every time I wear a Montale I like I imagine there is a sign somewhere in the design studio, “Subtle is a 4-letter word”. Arabians like every Montale I own is not subtle. Yet this raw power carries an attraction because it doesn’t pull its punches. The caveat is you must like what is being produced. If you are looking for a powerful leather Arabians might just have you saying some positive 4-letter words.

Disclosure: This review is based on a sample I purchased.

Mark Behnke