New Perfume Review Mendittorosa Daymon- Morning Walk with Poodles

The best independent perfume brands create and maintain a unique aesthetic. Over time it becomes as characteristic as the name on the bottle. In the case of Stefania Squeglia she has refined this for her brand Mendittorosa. For seven years she has been the creative direction behind one of the most eclectically artistic fragrance collections in the world. When I received my box of samples containing her newest, I could have closed my eyes and found it by following my nose to Mendittorosa Daymon.

Stefania Squeglia

Up until now her perfumes have belonged to one of two collections “Talismans” or “Odori d’Anima”. Daymon is the first to stand outside them on its own. Having tried all her previous perfumes I can see how this didn’t fit neatly into either of the collections. Working with perfumer Luca Maffei they have made a more playful fragrance than they have in the past. The press release says it is a perfume which “is love that we give and receive through animals”. That came through while I wore it.

Luca Maffei

I take my dogs for morning walks. We walk through a wooded area which has some wild jasmine growing. I like to go early. When we enter the trees the remnants of the night-blooming flower hangs on the fog while the green of the foliage takes over. This hits me in the early moments of Daymon. Jasmine floats above angelica root and neroli. The latter gives a hint of the rising sun through the fog. The earthiness of the woods is accentuated through orris and tonka. This is the rootier version of orris and the hay-like type of tonka. This flows to a gorgeously dry woody accord of sandalwood and ambroxan. Within that is the muskiness of Habanolide and incense.

Daymon has 16-18 hour longevity and is a skin scent as it is an extrait.

Daymon is the most lighthearted creations Sig.ra Squeglia has overseen. It is unmistakably her style while still feeling different than what has come prior. If you want an early morning walk through the woods Daymon can take you there.

Disclosure: This review is based on a sample I purchased.

-Mark Behnke