New Perfume Review Goldfield & Banks Silky Woods- Don’t Mess with The Dimitri

I am a silly person. Sometimes the name of a perfume unlocks the most ridiculous parts of my mind. Which was what happened when I got my sample of Goldfield & Banks Silky Woods. Before I ever tried a drop my mind was back in the 2008 Adam Sandler movie “Don’t Mess with The Zohan”. The Zohan is an Israeli superhero but he wants to be a hair stylist. His desire is to make hair “silky smooth”. I feel certain owner creative director Dimitri Weber never thought about this for one second. Once I tried the perfume, I thought there is a bit of a national tale to tell.

Dimitri Weber

The brand was founded five years ago in Australia. All the releases have featured indigenous ingredients. He has been proud of the quality of ingredients he can source in his country. Silky Woods might just be the apotheosis of this as it features two perfume ingredients which have been farmed sustainably in Australia.

Hamid Meratt-Kashani

The story of the overharvesting of Mysore sandalwood is well-known. One of the most consistent replacements which is being farmed sustainably is in Australia. A more recent example of the same spirit has happened around agarwood, or oud. Because of its popularity the old forests which produce oud are befalling a similar fate to Mysore sandalwood. This time the sustainability has gotten more out in front of the looming catastrophe. In the Daintree rainforest of Queensland they are cultivating sustainable agarwood. These add to the story of Silky Woods. Mr. Weber collaborates with perfumer Hamid Merati-Keshani on just how to show them off.

It begins with a mixture of tobacco and leather. This is a gorgeous pairing which is given more depth through saffron amplifying the leather while incense adds a resinous simmer to the tobacco. The heart adds some sizzle through cinnamon and some sensuality with ylang-ylang. M. Merani-Kashani is creating a lovely, layered fragrance a level at a time. What comes next is that combination of sandalwood and oud. These sustainably produced versions reflect their terroir. The oud adds texture to the creamy sandalwood. The sandalwood provides a reflective surface for the oud. A final layering of vanilla turns this into a warmly comforting perfume.

Silky Woods has 12-14 hour longevity and average sillage.

Up until now the Goldfield & Banks fragrances have been for the light of day. Silky Woods is for those moments where your perfume complements your elegant wardrobe. I know it will be something I consider wearing at my first formal event post-pandemic. I applaud Mr. Weber for showcasing the ingenuity of his homeland’s ability to farm two of the most important perfume ingredients. When it comes to Australian ingredients you don’t mess with the Dimitri. I told you I was silly.

Disclosure: This review is based on a sample I purchased.

Mark Behnke