New Perfume Reivew DSH Perfumes Poplars and Planes- Here and Now

As I mentioned when naming Dawn Spencer Hurwitz the 2020 Queen of Perfume there is no way I will ever be able to communicate what a year she had. The dilemma has been which to write about. Regular readers will know that her isolation/meditation series connected with both nose and soul. The perfumes there reached deep into my psyche. Even though I am slighting much other worthy work I feel like I should review the last one in this collection DSH Perfumes Poplars and Planes.

Where the other three perfumes took me back to significant points in my life Poplars and Planes is a fragrance of my here and now. Every morning I take the poodles on a walk through the woods behind our house. As the seasons change so does the scent profile of my surroundings. I am so familiar with it I think I could identify the season blindfolded. There is a moment just as fall is ending before the winter takes hold where these woods have the scent of the dead leaves while the woods regain their ascendancy over the greenery. This tends to happen just before the Holidays begin. Ms. Hurwitz has seemingly encountered the same on her walks all the way across the country. This is what Poplars and Planes is all about.

Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

Before we go too much further the “planes” are not the machines which fly in the sky. It is the variant name for the sycamore tree. Which makes it if you desire accuracy, poplars and sycamores. You must admit the chosen name rolls off the tongue more elegantly. When I was wearing this, I recognized a lot of different woody pieces to this. I got kind of giggly thinking about this as “tree soup”. It is another example of Ms. Hurwitz’s talent at blending disparate pieces into a coherent beauty.

In the first moment there is a reminder of the spring just past as mandarin, leafy notes, and petitgrain create the sunny near past. From here is when the trees begin to take over. Early on it is the lightness of cedar and elemi given a shroud of austere frankincense. It gives a crisp fall morning feel which slowly gets filled in with a set of balsamic ingredients providing depth. Patchouli represents the decaying leaves on the floor of the forest. The promised planes arrive through an accord of oakwood and oakmoss. There is a gorgeous autumnal sun accord of hay, honey, and beeswax which reminds me of sunrise in my local woods.

Poplars and Planes has 10-12 hour longevity and moderate sillage.

Every other isolation/meditation took me inward and to the past. Poplars and Planes reminded me that the present is equally beautiful if you but take the time to take it in.

Disclosure: This review is based on a sample provided by DSH Perfumes.

Mark Behnke