Colognoisseur Take 2


I started Colognoisseur on February 1, 2014. One of the rules I made for myself was to publish a new piece every day. I did that until I didn’t. On September 16 events caused me to miss my first day of posting. Those circumstances kept me from doing this for a week and a half. When life forces you to take a pause it allows for some reflection.

After about a week I began to think I wouldn’t start again. I spent a day asking myself, “why do I do this?”. Without my knowing, the world of fragrance was out there encouraging me to get back up. The most important answer to that question is I am still fascinated by perfume. The ability to write about it is my way of collecting my thoughts into a thesis for each piece I write. Through every word I learn something more. As a scientist that is as much a reason to keep going as any.

What else was happening is my desk was filling up with some great perfumes. I was still smelling because my curiosity was still intact. Whenever I smell something I like for the first time the very faint outlines of what I’m going to write form in my head. If I stopped, there was a lot of amazing perfume which I was never going to write about.

I was surprised when a couple of perfumers reached out to ask what was going on. They encouraged me to get back to it. I wasn’t surprised when a couple of my most faithful readers knew something was off right away. That I have an audience that enjoys what I write is another reason. It isn’t why I do it but its nice to be appreciated.

As you know I made the decision to start writing again at the beginning of the week. What I found when I sat down to write the first review it was like meeting an old friend after a separation. I was back into it with the same enthusiasm I had previously had. Writing about perfume still provided the same joy it always had.

The short answer is I am going to keep writing about perfume. The difference is I might take a day off here and there. One thing I learned was that initial rule of publishing every day was adding a little bit of stress. I have removed that from my way of thinking about the blog. I’m going to write when I have things to write about. Which will be close to every day anyway. For Colognoisseur Take 2 I’m going to give myself permission to take a break or two.

I am happy to keep writing for all of you who spend a couple minutes of your day reading what I write. I appreciate you all more than I can say.

Mark Behnke