Colognoisseur 2021 Hopes and Wishes


Ever since I started Colognoisseur I spend the last day of the year looking forward to the next year with some hopes and wishes.

This is what I’m talking about (DSH and Me pre-pandemic)

It is impossible not to start with the effect of the pandemic. The biggest thing I hope for next year is to see all my friends in fragrance in person…..and hug them! I am by nature a hugger, but I have also realized how much it is a part of my own well-being. That connection can’t be replaced by all the tech in the world. So beware once we can be together again there is a hug with your name on it.

Except I want to hatch perfume brands not chickens

Last year I wished for an American counterpart to the large European perfume expos. In a year where we had none, I’ve realized what important events they are for emerging brands and buyers. There should be a way to provide a similar experience in lieu of just the big trade shows. I am hoping there is some kind of incubator strategy which can help out that appears next year.

Except with perfume instead of guitars

Going into the New Year I am very excited about two powerhouse collaborations coming. The Masque Milano maestros Brun and Tedeschi are working with Mackenzie Reilly. While Victor Wong and Dawn Spencer Hurwitz are teaming up for Zoologist Snowy Owl. This is my version of an all-star perfume jam times two. You would think that is enough, but I have a couple of other dream teams I’d like to see. I would love to see Christophe Laudamiel take some of the incredible oils from one of the small-batch distillers and see what he would make of that. I would also love to see new Amouage creative director Renaud Salmon and perfumer Cecile Zarokian go for it with a gourmand that sets a new standard. Yes I am a greedy guy.

We need these to return next year

Finally because of the pandemic the Art & Olfaction Awards are taking this year off. Being a judge over the last few years has been one of my favorite parts of being involved in the fragrance community. I hope, and expect, they return for 2021. The awards provided a much-needed spotlight on the independent artistic perfume community. I hope that light will shine again next year.

As always, my final words of 2020 are thanks to all of you who choose to read my words about fragrance. It has never been more gratifying than in this crazy year. Happy New Year!

Mark Behnke