New Perfume Review Beso Beach Beso Pasion- My Kind of Mediterranean

As regular readers know I have lost patience with the aquatic style of perfume. Recently there have been some which have caught my attention, but most follow the same well-worn path. I’ve had readers ask me what it is I like in the summer months. What I reply is the Mediterranean style of perfume is what I look for. These are less beachy. The freshness is due to the expansiveness of the formula. I think they are every bit as clean as their aquatic counterparts. Beso Beach Beso Pasion is one which gets it right.

Beso Pasion is the fourth fragrance from the resort group of Beso Beach. In 2018 they released a set of three perfumes tied to each of their properties in resort areas. I have only become aware of them through this new release. According to their website the concept is to have the perfume allow you to take a bit of your vacation home with you. For Beso Pasion your travel agent is perfumer Jordi Fernandez.

Jordi Fernandez

One piece of a Mediterranean type of fragrance is the use of fig. This is the heart of this. Before we get there, Sr. Fernandez forms a summery top accord which immediately got me in vacation mode. Lemon, ginger, and cardamom have a party. Almost like the leader of a conga line asking you to join. It is fresh and enticing. Where it leads you is to a ripe fig heart. A lot of the time the greener fig is used. Here he uses a deeper more mature version. It is a contrast to the top accord as they circle around it. A swoosh of green tea turns this into a more gourmand-like scent for a few moments. The base is a combination I’ve been expecting to be great.

Sr. Fernandez used Akigalawood which is the biological degradation of patchouli. This has a spicy less earthy scent profile. Combining it with the green of Haitian vetiver is something I thought would go well together. As they combine here, they form a compelling spicy green accord that is not too heavy. Perfect in a warm weather fragrance.

Beso Pasion has 8-10 hour longevity and average sillage.

This is my kind of Mediterranean. The riper fig and the akigalawood-vetiver base make me happy that top accord dragged me into this perfume conga line. It is hard not to smile while wearing this.

Disclosure: This review is based on a sample I purchased.

Mark Behnke