New Perfume Review Ariana Grande REM- Still Topping the Charts

Pop music is full of artists who find their style and thrive within it. Perfume brands do the same thing. I write about brand aesthetic as an important part of success in fragrance. One of the most interesting emerging brands comes from a pop star. Ariana Grande REM is the third excellent release in a row.

Two years ago I was impressed with the great transparent floral gourmand of Cloud. To prove it wasn’t a fluke Thank U, Next followed a year later further expanding on the genre. REM proves that someone on the creative side is intent on making this the kind of fragrance this brand becomes known for. I would really like to know who those people are. For the past two I found out the perfumers. For REM I don’t know that. (Update: Perfumer is Alexis Grugeon) What I do know is this is another great transparent gourmand.

REM was inspired by Ms. Grande’s ideas of what space should smell like. She wasn’t after the burnt circuits and metal of sci-fi. REM is the dreamscape of flying through the stars trailing rainbows behind you. The perfume based on this captures that exuberance.

The gourmand aspect is apparent from the start as caramel is the keynote. It is given lift through the twin fruits of fig and pear. It is a creamy caramel accord with a fruity center. The fig’s inherent creaminess works particularly well. Lavender is the floral and it is a backseat driver to the caramel accord. The creamy quality is amplified through sandalwood and tonka bean before some white musks provide lift off into orbit.

REM has 8-10 hour longevity and average sillage.

This is the third release in a row from Ariana Grande perfumes which has stuck to its established groove. I expect it will top the best-seller lists wherever it is sold.

Disclosure: This review is based on a sample provided by Ulta.

Mark Behnke