New Perfume Review Aether Arts Perfume Contact- The Joy of Intentionality

One of the biggest things which separates art and commerce is intent. The latter is done to appeal to the masses and make a buck. The former is what makes us human. It is the perspective of an imagination who looks at the world through a distinct lens. The visual arts are replete with examples. Places for an artist to display and discuss their thoughts. It is something I feel the art of perfume is lacking. The examples of perfumers standing with their creation speaking about why scent is the right medium are few and far between. I especially yearn for it from the perfumers I know create with the intentionality of art through fragrance. Which was why I was happy to see Amber Jobin of Aether Arts Perfume do a guest piece on CaFleureBon about her latest creation. (link here) In it she explains the process behind Aether Arts Perfume Contact.

Amber Jobin

I urge you to read the piece, but I will boil it down to a few words. Of all the things we have lost in this pandemic the simple act of human contact has been one of the most debilitating. The simple act of holding someone close is lost for the moment. There is the physical contact of it. There is also the scent of it. It is something perfume is especially proficient at doing. There are lots of skin accords built around musk. Contact is a perfume built around the concept of holding a loved one close.

When I hug at first my nose is closest to the person’s hair. A lot of people use fruity shampoos. The top accord of Contact is composed of peach mélange, carrot seed, and a CO2 extraction of coconut. This is that moment when I pull back to smile and share my joy at seeing the person. We are still close enough to experience the humanity of each other. Through calamus, liatrix, and the keynote of contact an attar of jasmine, sandalwood, and ambrette that is portrayed. This is the soul of Contact. Ambrette provides the skin musk to the pleasure of jasmine and sandalwood all together. This is that shared smile of affection. As I pull closer for another hug the skin of my friend is now what I experience. Some cumin, white pepper, beeswax, Africa stone, and muskrat tincture form the slightly spicy funky smell of another human being. A final touch is the powdery shine of orris as if to smile at each other in the pleasure of fellowship.

Contact has 10-12 hour longevity and moderate sillage.

I can’t hug Ms. Jobin or any of my favorite perfume people today. Hopefully, that changes soon. Until then Contact will remind me of the necessity of human touch. All through the artistic intention of one of my favorite perfumers.

Disclosure: This review is based on a sample supplied by Aether Arts Perfume.

Mark Behnke