New Perfume Review Aether Arts Perfume Be Boulder- Finding Center

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I am using perfume to help get through these days of coronavirus. I have learned that my shelves are full of beautiful perfumes which allow me to take some time to just sit and enjoy them as I search for some inner peace. It has been a silver lining of being at home. I wouldn’t have thought I would want a new fragrance to achieve the same thing. Aether Arts Perfume Be Boulder allowed me to find my center.

Amber Jobin

When I say I wouldn’t want a new contemplative perfume. I mean I wouldn’t want one from just anybody. Independent perfumer Amber Jobin is definitely one who I would want one from. One big reason is I connect with Ms. Jobin’s creations on multiple levels. She is one of my favorites because she engages heart and mind. I spend as much time going to the place she wants to take me as I do thinking about how she does it. My package of Be Boulder arrived just before we were all asked to stay at home.

Ms. Jobin’s intent was to use a botanical construct to form a fragrance which would take you to a positive place. She lives in Boulder, Colorado because she can just walk outdoors and find that positivity in the Rocky Mountains surrounding the town. The perfume is meant to take those of us who live hundreds of miles away to the same place.

Be Boulder opens with an accord of high-altitude sunlight. Every sunny day we have I go and turn my face towards the sun. This opening of yuzu, lime, petitgrain, and black pepper does the same. I breathe in the brilliance of the day including the impending sun sneeze through the black pepper. I adore that last ingredient for that. The heart accord is one of green growing things in the early days of spring. Tomato leaf, sage, and cannabis all provide different shades of verdancy; vegetal, herbal, and different herbal. It is the extra ingredient that adds the dollop of joy as rose is mixed within the green. It flows naturally as if the spring has turned to the blooms of summer. The final bit is the scent of the evergreens on the slopes of the mountains. A suite of terpenic woods give that refreshing pine scent you find in the woods.

Be Boulder has 6-8 hour longevity and average sillage.

I have worn Be Boulder on three different days as I sat on my back porch. I was practicing my breathing looking for peace. Be Boulder provided a perfect focal point to find it.

Disclosure: this review is based on a sample provided by Aether Arts Perfume.

Mark Behnke