New Perfume Review Woman by Ralph Lauren- The One That Got Away


If I ask someone to name a Ralph Lauren perfume I suspect the most common answer would be, “Polo”. For the last forty years Ralph Lauren has become a pillar in the masculine perfume world. If I also told you that there was a feminine counterpart to Polo released at the same time I’d bet that would surprise many. Lauren was its name it was composed by perfumer Bernard Chant formed on a lovely green spine of petitgrain, tagete, and vetiver it was gorgeous. Except that it never caught on. That would be a phrase to describe the attempts by the brand to court the women consumers. It is almost a fascinating case study in how the creative team is so successful with men and equally unsuccessful with women. I must give them credit they are back with another attempt; Woman by Ralph Lauren.

When I received my sample, I expected Woman to be aimed directly at the young women. When I sprayed it on a strip my first impression was they were still chasing the older women that got away in the past. Perfumer Anne Flipo has fashioned a very traditional fruity floral which seemingly is meant for the white flower fans out there.

Anne Flipo

The opening is a very brash pear which Mme Flipo reins in only slightly with blackcurrant bud and rhubarb. The early moments of Woman are the pear making sure you notice it. Orange blossom provides some floral complements to the fruit before the tuberose comes out. The tuberose is kept more controlled than the pear is. Which means the tuberose rises to a significant intensity but the strength of the pear pushes back from allowing it to take over entirely. Woman stays as primarily a tuberose and pear duet for most of the time I wore it. Over the final stages sandalwood leavened with some hazelnut is where it all ends.

Woman has 6-8 hour longevity and average sillage.

Woman is a nicely executed department store fruity white floral except it misses the trends the younger buyer wants. It isn’t very transparent. The hazelnut is the only thing slightly trending towards gourmand. It is odd but the whole time I wore it I thought that Woman was meant to get the girl(s) that got away.

Disclosure: this review is based on a sample provided by Ralph Lauren.

Mark Behnke

One thought on “New Perfume Review Woman by Ralph Lauren- The One That Got Away

  1. I have yet to try CHLOE Nomade (and I know what everyone is saying) but for me, in my scented Styx where the only high-end department store that was left in my college hometown closed late summer) but this perfume took my breath away. I could not get it out of my head. I kept an eye on it but missed it when the entire store went 90% off. I found a 50 ml EDP ($34.99) at TJ Maxx early Fall and gave it to my mom for Christmas this year. She adores it…the neighbor loves it (and told her man he better be buying her some!). I think when all is said and done and the naturals have faded and the niche luxes are just too "out there" it's nice to come back to a well-made designer perfume that's simply gorgeous; even on me but splendid on my Mother. She used to always wear No5 EDC then switched to Daisy for a few years now (my sister assumed that scent signature) she's very happy with RL Woman but my mom is the one who got away! She was the butch lady who operated heavy equipment on a road crew and loved BRUT deodorant. Now in her golden years this perfume is perfect for her because it captures an ageless quality and shimmer of light-hearted fun but that is sweet, fresh and smells fantastic! 


    Out of the game for a while sorry for late response to your great review! 

    GP xox (John R)

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