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When I am asked, “How can you smell so many new fragrances and stay optimistic about the art form?” My response goes like this, “Because in every new perfume there is the opportunity to be reminded of why I love perfume.” My most recent love affair came from an unlikely place. I have been a curmudgeon over these new brands which land with too many entries. When I received my envelope of samples from new brand Vilhelm Parfumerie. I am sure there was a frown on my face as I looked at the eight samples in front of me. When faced with this issue I just start at the top of the alphabet and work my way down. In the case of Vilhelm Parfumerie that first perfume in line was called Black Citrus. It also was that perfume which reminds me of why I love perfume.

jan ahlgren

Jan Ahlgren

Vilhelm Parfumerie is the new brand headed by ex-runway model Jan Ahlgren. As he was transitioning from the catwalk he started designing leather goods. He also wanted to find a way to scent those leather goods. That brought him into contact with perfumer Jerome Epinette. They connected and decided they would like to work on a line of perfumes. M. Ahlgren created very specific vignettes for M. Epinette to work on as briefs. Here is the one for Black Citrus, “Serious freshness without frivolity. The fragrance is inspired by the clean breath of the city after the showers pass. Gentlemen step out from under protective storefront canopies, their impeccable British style uncompromised.”


Jerome Epinette

Despite the name this is a fragrance about black and the citrus is around for a very short time. M. Epinette is one of those perfumers who is high up on my list of favorite perfumers because he finds something different in the well-known. In Black Citrus it is the cardamom on top and the particularly Stygian birch and patchouli in the base.

If you’re looking for the citrus in Black Citrus it comes and goes in the very early going with a rich bergamot. What blows it away is a zephyr of cardamom. M. Epinette allows the bergamot to draw my attention to the lightly lemon facets of cardamom in the first moments. Over time it turns greener. That slow shading sets it up perfectly to combine with the mate leaves in the heart. There is a wonderful sharp green chord that forms. To that violet tempers the keen edge, softening it with its floralcy. Then we move to the base which is birch and a deep earthy Indonesian patchouli. This is where I fell head over heels for this perfume. The birch provides a pungent raw woodiness and the patchouli doubles down with deep earthiness combined with multi-faceted herbal quality. These two ingredients are in constant kinetic motion around each other. There are times it smells of birch tar, there are other times it smells of black soil. Sometimes it is just woody and sometimes it is just herbal. It is constantly fascinating to me.

Black Citrus has 10-12 hour longevity and average sillage.

I am very impressed with the great majority of these first eight releases from Vilhelm Parfumerie. I expect there will be more reviews coming as I become more acquainted with the line. Black Citrus inspired me from the first moment I smelled it on a strip and has only become more memorable with each successive time I have worn it. I just had to write about it to get it out of my system. Messrs. Ahlgren and Epinette thank you for reminding me of why I do this.

Disclosure: This review was based on samples I purchased.

Mark Behnke

4 thoughts on “New Perfume Review Vilhelm Parfumerie Black Citrus- Impeccable Black

  1. Mark, I love the fact that this perfume excited you so much, you can really feel that through the words.  The perfume sounds incredible.  And I have to also say that the presentation (bottle) is impeccible.  Thanks for the introduction to the line.

  2. This fragrence really reminds me of Macassar by Rochas – no longer available – and which I've been searching for years for something similar. Search over!

    • Just tried a sample of this in NYC at Aedes.  Jesus H. Christ. I've been searching and searching for something  This is it.  Thanks for telling me why.

  3. I’ve just opened my first bottle of Black Citrus and am smitten by it, utterly. This perfume suits me as a go to. I adore woody and citrus scents. I also have worn men’s scents since my father always wore divine colognes from Paris and Milan, am more than pleased it is designed for men and women. Your review is spot on. If anyone else is wondering what may be worth trying, I too add my name to this established, superb scent.

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