New Perfume Review Gucci Memoire d’une Odeur- A Commercial Risk


Ever since creative director at Gucci, Alessandro Michele, has taken a hand in the fragrance side of the brand it has been, mostly, a good thing. Outside of a couple of missteps I have believed Gucci perfumes have been on an upward trajectory because of Sig. Michele’s involvement. For the most part that success has come through giving typical fragrance styles clever twists through ingredient choice. What I have been hoping for is for Sig. Michele to make a fragrance which is different than those typical mass-market styles. It was what set Gucci apart when Tom Ford was the last overall creative director to get involved with the perfume side. It seems like Gucci Memoire d’une Odeur is an attempt to do that.

Alessandro Michele

Sig. Michele has been working almost exclusively with perfumer Alberto Morillas since he got to Gucci. That partnership remains for Memoire d’une Odeur. I have to comment that the press release is a touch irritating because it claims that this is the first perfume to feature chamomile as a keynote. Any quick search of any perfume database will show that is a bit of exaggeration. They are making a point, though. Chamomile has a different scent profile than most things featured in mass-market perfumes. It carries a strong green herbal-like foundation which also carries a fruity component. For Memoire d’une Odeur they are using Roman chamomile which has a granny smith apple to match with the green herbal-ness. This is a challenging ingredient to put on top of a new commercial release.

Alberto Morillas

Yet when you spray on Memoire d’une Odeur that is what you first notice. M. Morillas adds a bit of soft lift with a white musk, or two, but it doesn’t blunt the sharper edges of the chamomile. This is a vegetal green given some texture though the apple quality within. This is the kind of opening which is often seen in a niche perfume. not so often at the mall. With all of that in play for the top accord the remainder of the development spools out in a more recognizable fashion. Jasmine holds the heart with a more traditional floral scent. The base is even more recognizable as a series of white musks wrap around a clean cedar.

Memoire d’une Odeur has 10-12 hour longevity and average sillage.

I am really looking to my next field trip to the local mall to observe how consumers are reacting to Memoire d’une Odeur. I think it is going to be a tiny step too far as the top accord provides a prickly character that will be difficult to embrace. Although if you are a more experienced perfume fan that prickliness is what might get you to take a second sniff. I am happy that Sig. Michele is willing to take some commercial risks as he continues to breathe life back into Gucci perfumes.

Disclosure: This review is based on a sample provided by Gucci.

Mark Behnke

9 thoughts on “New Perfume Review Gucci Memoire d’une Odeur- A Commercial Risk

  1. I love it, personally!  But I could not agree with you, more, Mark!  Might not have a crowd pleaser on their hands!!! Wouldn't it be a dream, if mainstream fragrances went back to creative formulas, rather than a constant barrage of black currant fruitchoulis?  Thank Mark!!!  Great Review!!! 

  2. Je trouve que ce parfum a le mérite de ne sentir à aucun autre .

    Bravo à la Maison Gucci de prendre des risques .

    Je l'aime beaucoup 

  3. The simple yet elegant vintage bottle is what lured me to try on this fragrance at David Jones Barangaroo Sydney store and I absolutely love it. It is unique and has a freshness to it. 

  4. I was obsessed from the first sniff. Never bought a perfume on the spot. Always waited for it to linger in my memory. This one I bought on the spot. It’s expansiveness captivates me.

  5. My all-time favorite scent EVER was Eau De Gucci. I have been searching for YEARS for a replacement. No such luck. I read a few press releases & it led me to believe that this fragrance was an homage to that fragrance. I have tested Memoire several times & being desperate for something to affect me like Eau Dr Gucci, I am still on the fence.

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