New Perfume Review Giorgio Armani My Way- This Week’s Grilled Cheese


Long time readers know I have a grilled cheese category of fragrance. What that means is it is as simple as that venerable sandwich but satisfying anyway. These aren’t perfumes which surprise in any way, but they are better than most of their peers on the department store shelves. The latest addition to this category is Giorgio Armani My Way.

Carlos Benaim

Giorgio Armani mass market releases are as hit or miss as any other brands. What puts a perfume on my figurative plate is finding some energy in the routine. For My Way perfumers Carlos Benaim and Bruno Jovanovic collaborate for a simple white flower fragrance.

Bruno Jovanovic

My Way is aimed right at the younger perfume demographic which means transparent. The perfumers make sure that the white flowers here, orange blossom and tuberose, never get too rambunctious. It also benefits from a classic high-low top and base accord around them.

What caught my attention when I tried this the first time was the bergamot. So often it is just an amuse bouche of an ingredient. Here it is given a lot more to do. It provides the typical sparkle that it is known for. The other part is it adds a citrus harmony to the orange blossom which I found nice. The tuberose when given this level of opacity can sometimes remind one of bubble gum. That bergamot also helps keep that from happening. Vanilla adds warmth in the base which helps give some expansion to the florals. Cedar is the final piece of My Way with a clean woody framing of it all.

My Way has 8-10 hour longevity and average sillage.

You’ve smelled many perfumes similar to My Way. You might even own a couple. My Way is worth giving a look because it does those things you enjoyed before with just that little bit more which makes it slightly better.

Disclosure: This review is based on a sample provided by Ulta.

-Mark Behnke

One thought on “New Perfume Review Giorgio Armani My Way- This Week’s Grilled Cheese

  1. I don’t particularly pay attention to Armani’s…for me, too. many. misses! I admit, I’m even a bit more intrigued due to your mention of the extended bergamot! This whole “zero waste” movement that millenials are touting has been around as long as I can remember. But they are slowly learning this as they emerge from Mommy & Daddy’s basement, to see the light of day, (and face reality). I can’t say I’ll seek it but if it’s thrown in my face at the PX, I’ll probably buy it. We’ll see. Thank You for the outstanding commentary, as usual, Mark!!! Hope you’re well!!! Wishing you health and safety in this crazy year!!! 🙂

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