New Perfume Review Chloe Rose Tangerine- Short-Term Pleasure


When I receive my samples and am prioritizing them, I’ll admit a favorite perfumer name will move it towards the front of the line. It isn’t foolproof. The marketers and focus groups can dumb down the best. Even against those powerful tides I have a trust in the perfumers I admire to push back a little bit. Which is what I experienced with Chloe Rose Tangerine.

Michel Almairac

Ever since 2018’s release of Chloe Nomade it seems like there is a new team overseeing the perfumes. They have stopped being minimal variations on rose. That history made me wonder if a perfume called Rose Tangerine was a return to that. The perfumers which had me hoping for more are Michel Almairac and Sidonie Lancesseur. What they produced was a variation on rose but something more substantial in keeping with the more recent releases.

Sidonie Lancesseur

This is a perfume where you definitely get what is advertised. The tangerine effect is that of the fruit itself. It is given lift through the precise use of blackcurrant bud. This is where the imprimatur of my perfumers I admire is probably being seen. By adding this in underneath a juicy citrus it adds a subtle fizz. Not aldehydic but kind of like a mimosa where the champagne has gone a bit flat. It provides just a bit of expansiveness to the tangerine. Which allows the very fresh rose to fill those spaces. It comes together in a lovely fruity floral accord. Some more synthetic musks and woods add more opacity over the final stages.

Rose Tangerine has 4-6 hour longevity and moderate sillage.

If you are someone who bases your fragrance buying on how long it lasts and how far it blasts, Rose Tangerine is low on both scales. This is one of the shortest lasting mainstream perfumes I’ve tried. I topped it off twice after initial application on the days I wore it. It makes it a short-term pleasure I was happy to repeat on those days.

Disclosure: This review is based on a sample supplied by Sephora.

Mark Behnke

One thought on “New Perfume Review Chloe Rose Tangerine- Short-Term Pleasure

  1. Thanks for this wonderful review, Mark!!! I’m actually wearing this right now! I picked up the new Chanel, Gucci, and this one!!! Let’s just say they had me at “Tangerine”. Plus, having gleaned my collection the other week, I realized I had a lot of the recent Chloe’s including the Nomade’s, which I adore!!! If thet keep up the good work, they may becone my 2nd fave house. I’ve always been a Chypre-Florial gal, and it seems Chloe has almost single handedly brought back oakmoss! Let’s just say I’ve been voting with my consumer dollars! It’s good stuff, plus I never concern myself with longevity, because I’m spraying the next perfume within an hour anyhow! Hope you’re well!!!

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