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There are brands which make the trends. Those are few. There are brands that imitate the trends. Those are many. The least creative is to slightly tweak the trendsetter fragrance. That is all too often the choice. What can set a brand apart which does follow trends is if they can find their own version. That is what I found in Avon Honey Blossom.

For about two years now one of the prevailing fragrance trends is transparent floral gourmands. As I’ve mentioned in the past at least this is not an overplayed sector of perfume space. It is starting to become that way because of the early success of this style with the younger perfume consumers.

Gabriela Chelariu

For a brand like Avon they are looking to follow the current trends. Which means it was time for a transparent floral gourmand. They turned again to perfumer Gabriela Chelariu. From my perspective it was her participation which made me want to try Honey Blossom. She produced last years Velvet for the brand which I thought was one of the best perfumes of the year. In that case I was impressed with her use of overlapping synthetic ingredients to create a fuller effect than I expected. There is less of that in Honey Blossom because Ms. Chelariu stuck to a simpler formula of floral and gourmand.

The floral is a clever apple blossom on top. This carries a hint of green, a smidge of apple, along with a gentle floral-like quality. This is the kind of multi-faceted ingredient Ms. Chelariu used to construct Velvet. This is kept much simpler with a mixture of what is listed as “honeysuckle blossom” but to my nose is “honeyed water”. It imparts a sweet dewiness to the apple blossom capturing an early morning bloom covered in tiny droplets. It forms a nice honeyed floral effect without becoming sticky sweet. The sweet is on its way as vanilla rounds things out. As before the vanilla is kept opaque so as not to drown out the other ingredients. It finds its space completing the floral gourmand with comfort.

Honey Blossom has 8-10 hour longevity and average sillage.

I am becoming more impressed with Ms. Chelariu the more I experience her perfumes. She has so far shown she knows how to get the most out of her ingredients; and her budget. Honey Blossom is a great spring floral choice if you’re looking for a floral gourmand.

Disclosure: This review was based on a sample provided by Avon.

Mark Behnke

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