New Perfume Review Anatole Lebreton Perfumista- The Way a Focus Group Should Work


One of the worst things about mainstream perfumery is the use of focus groups. I think they produce the lowest common denominator fragrance. Often so bland it is difficult for me to think of them as perfume. I have wondered what a motivated, educated, perfume-loving focus group could produce.
Independent perfume Anatole Lebreton seems to have answered that with Anatole Lebreton Perfumista.

Anatole Lebreton

In the middle of last year he asked a group of perfume fans to buy into The Perfumista Project. For the price of the eventual final product they would be brought along on a two-month journey to create a new perfume. By the fall Perfumista was the result of this process. I was not a participant but according to the website M. Lebreton introduced the members to the raw materials and the gradual development of the final perfume. The result is the same genre as many a larger focus group spits out; a fruity floral. The difference here is this kind of fruity floral is not the typical miasmic mediocrity found at the mall. This is the kind of fragrance which could give the class a good name. It shows what intelligent feedback can produce.

That shows in the fruity top accord. Raspberry is the keynote, but it is a juicy pear along with a plush plum that make this less irrelevant than the typical berry top accord. The shading the plum gives to the pear and raspberry is particularly appealing. The floral part is a magnificent nod to vintage perfume florals. An indolic jasmine meets a spicy Bulgarian rose. Whenever I encounter this it always seems like the two bad girl florals out for a good time. As the plum shadowed fruit inserts itself into the festivities this is where Perfumista shows off the potential of a fruity floral with intent. Fruity florals are my least favorite perfume genre. I could luxuriate in this fruity floral for days. The base accord provides a woody foundation for the fruity floral to rest upon. It is the least interesting part of Perfumista while still being quite good. Patchouli gives a dark earthiness for cedar and peru balsam to finish the construction.

Perfumista has 14-16 hour longevity and average sillage.

Perfumista is a fragrance developed by people passionate about perfume. The simple act of participation exemplifies that. The perfume that came out of this focus group is the way it should always happen.

Disclosure: this review is based on a sample I purchased.

Mark Behnke

One thought on “New Perfume Review Anatole Lebreton Perfumista- The Way a Focus Group Should Work

  1. It's about time. Thanks for the scented skinny once again my fragrant friend! The closest I had seen to something like this was "Aria in F#" by House of Matriarch's Christi Meshell made from the votes of fragrant Facebook perfume lovers group…of which I was one. What read as a mediocre scent came alive on my skin. This reads very good so when it graces my skin I am sure to be blown away. I have followed Lebreton since reading about "Grimoire"; but sadly, have yet to sniff any of his work. Now, that I have read this, I realize that the price of a sampler will be well worth the price of admission! I tip my perfumed cap to you, Sir.

    smell swell & be well,

    JR xox

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