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Colognoisseur is the blog from Mark Behnke former Managing Editor of CaFleureBon, writer at Fragrantica, and Basenotes forum member Somerville Metro Man. I have been a lover of perfume for almost thirty years now. From my first bottle of Jovan Musk for my thirteenth birthday, I thought it would make me more attractive, to my favorite perfume of 2013 Knightsbridge de Robert Piguet, which just makes me smell fantastic, I have been fascinated with everything about the liquid in the bottle. My day job is as a research chemist working on rare and neglected diseases in the public sector. That training as a chemist makes me more than a little interested in the things that go into making perfume, both synthetic and natural. The name of this blog also came from a discussion on Basenotes on what to call a male perfume fanatic, perfumista seems feminine, even though it is genderless. One of the forum members, who goes by Quarry, came up with the mash-up combination of Cologne and Connoisseur to get Colognoisseur.

10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Mark – wow, out on your own. Fly free!

    I have to say that since meeting you at the Boston Sniffapalooza I have followed many of your reviews and I almost always agree with you. As an example, I bought Eight + Bob for my husband for Christmas, after smelling it for the first time in New Orleans. Expensive, but I really like it on him!

    I studied for 2 weeks at the Grasse Institute of Perfume this summer. Time of my life. 

    Stay well.

    • Sandy,

      Thank you for the encouraging words. 2 Weeks in Grasse sounds like paradise to me so happy you got to do that. Eight + Bob is a really fantastic fragrance especially for men glad I could help you out. 🙂


  2. I've met Mark twice previously at a conference on heterocyclic compounds, however I only recently learned that we share an enthusiasm for fragrances. I'll be reading Colognoisseur keenly from now on.


  3. Mark ,

     Knowledgeable gems like you are very rare. They must be preserved for a long time. I wish you good health, lots of luck and happiness.

    Surender Singh


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